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Enjoy Hilton Los Angeles Airport's parking advantage, with secured covered parking.

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Special Note: The parking structure cannot accommodate large vehicles such as Long Bed Pickup Trucks, Crew Cabs and Dually Trucks.

Hilton LAX Covered Parking & Concierge

When it comes to making parking arrangements before their flight, discerning travelers choose to leave their cars in the caring hands of the Hilton LAX Parking garage. In addition to our competitive rates and top-of-the-line service, our covered parking center has a number of amenities to make your travel experience a pleasure.

Air travel can be a real hassle, even when you're about to embark on a relaxing vacation. Whether you opt for self-parking or valet, we make it easy to leave your car in a secure location and get you to the airport quickly and conveniently. We also offer a full-service concierge option to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. Don’t stress over your trip arrangements, and don’t spend one second of your vacation or business trip worrying about your vehicle. Our covered parking garage is as safe as your garage at home. Reserve your parking today to take advantage of everything our concierge service has to offer.

Shuttles run 24 hours a day departing every 15-20 minutes from the hotel. This allows you a bit more freedom and flexibility when deciding what time to leave your hotel. This means less time scrambling to pack, and more time enjoying your stay at one of the area’s best hotels.

Please be at the hotel 30 minutes before you would like to be at the airport, in order to ensure you make your flight. Missed flights can be a real disaster, especially if you’re trying to make a connector. if you need a reminder, or just need to ask us a question please contact our Parking Concierge directly at (424) 363-0336 or

We are at your service for all requests, including:

At the Hilton LAX we want to make your travels as smooth as possible. Even if you’re flying out on business, that’s no excuse for a stressful trip. We hope our top-notch staff can take some of the worry and stress off your shoulders, and help you to have a productive business trip, or a relaxing vacation. Call us today to make your reservations, we promise you’ll be glad you did.